Angell Town Estate

Angell Town Estate

It is very apparent that Angell Town is forever changing towards a better environment for its residents and more. It still has a reputation that precedes it from time to time, and more needs to done to eradicate this. One other important issue is that Brixton seems to be being redeveloped with a top down approach, without enough involvement of the wider community of. More could be done to show the local authorities and businesses that there is serious talent in these estates and wider and the need to be taken more seriously in line with the future of this immediate area and wider


Angell Town Estate has a newly developed community garden space, and adjoining land at present that has been used by the residents for the growing of fruit and vegetables, however at present is overgrown and needs some attention, with a plan to the project be sustainable locally eventually. We have been approached to create a project in which more of the participants of the estate can do this on the existing green space, with an aim to clean up and maintain for community use.

We have been successful in setting up weekly gardening sessions with local residents and wider. Our primary activity has been facilitating weekly food growth sessions, and getting the community through such activities. Now in 2016 we are working towards expanding the garden and growing our core group.

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