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An Example of Community

In Clapham Park we worked with just under five hundred and fifty people within a community of approximately 7,100 residents. Since the start, spring 2004, we have worked with people that did not have this service at their disposal. The majority did not own their own green space as they live in high-rise blocks.


At the primary schools that we worked in we were engaged with some of the children had behavioural disorder problems, i.e. concentration issues and autism. At these educational establishments, our activities were to aid to children’s concentration spans and behavioural patterns within their school environment.


Our work led to us forming Captaincy Schemes whereby, the older children taught the younger children how to work in their horticultural roles under our supervision. London is fast becoming a more diverse cultural society. And so we found ourselves working with children and families from many different parts of the world. We also started an Age Inclusion programme with a local organisation that encouraged young people to work with the elderly - our recipient age group was from five to ninety five within this catchment area.

An Example of Community
youth inspiring youth

youth inspiring youth

During our many roles in the London Inner City we have provided an outreach service for the Lambeth Youth Offending Service. Our outputs for the service have been working with the Reparation (low to medium end offenders) and ISS(medium to high end offenders), using food growth, design, implementation, carpentry, and public art for services in the community, that may not have the funds to provide these for themselves.


We work with the young offenders to instil protocol and positive transferable skills as well, a service to the sites that we working with, to a contractual standard.

Four years ago a teenage Portuguese boy was put into our programme due to gang association. We could immediately see that he was very talented art wise, and showed great promise during the hours that he served with us. When he finished his reparation hours we invited him to stay on and work with us when and if he could, and to develop his skills to a positive use.


During his work with us over the years, he has designed and built numerous food gardens over several boroughs. He has worked under supervision with recipients with differing mental health issues, the over sixty fives, young offenders, youngsters not in employment and not in education, corporate employees, the local authorities, and the general public in the areas that we are based, to name but a few.

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