Housing Estates Management

We have worked with inner city housing estates management across ten boroughs, since we started in 2004. Our aim has always been to ensure that we have a clear line of communication between the residents and management, so that we can produce the best results for all involved. We have always put mechanisms in place to get bodies of work, like events and initiatives, achieved with no cost to the management or the residents. Our aim is to create common knowledge of wellbeing though organic food/plant growth, public art, land redevelopment, and community, through our outputs.

NHS: CCG/Food Cooperative

We have been working with the NHS as an outreach service since 2005, starting with the South London and Maudlsey, and now with working with clinical commissioning groups, and directly with Gp surgeries. Our aims have always been to encourage recipients, be it those with physical adversities, or otherwise to be involved in activities such as gardening, art and be a part of our team and wider. Wellbeing through practical activity in a structured environment. Our NHS initiatives have always been an integral part of outputs. Our work is at present in the South and West of London.


We have facilitated for the Youth Offending Service and been a part in gang intervention since 2010. We have engaged the agencies and the young people involved in projects to physically and visually improve their, immediate locality. Our aim is always to make the participants feel like our everyday team members, realise the good that they are doing, while with us, the positive transferable skills that we pass on to them, and aim to not only be a deterrent for re-offending, but to be a help in going forward in life.


Coming from a creative ethos, Progress has always implemented art activities within our outputs, aiming to create areas of living art, all over London. Our more recent projects have really brought this to the forefront, with a visual and functional design process coming into play all over London. Our team of public artists, are working closely with our horticultural team to set some standards for the future. We aim to create an alternative perception of public art in London and then take it wider, through our processes.


We have been a leading light in CSR since 2008. Our approach enables communities to receive amenities and changes in the more needy parts of the city, at no cost to them, at a contractual standard, and with scope for further positive development. We also engage some of the leading multinational corporate companies on this planet, bringing their employees into harder to reach areas to produce physical or skills sharing activities, and to give back in a highly valuable fashion.


We have a competent team of professionals that deliver contractual work, based around landscaping, construction and renovation. Our contractual work has been born from our third sector associations and is now growing steadily and with very strong reputation, form works completed.