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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

 Since 2008 Progress has been working with a number of high level multinational corporate companies as well as governmental departments to create and develop inner city food growing spaces for a number of low income areas.

Progress has been running Organic Cultivation Projects in deprived areas of London inner cities since early 2004. It is an organization that helps the communities of tomorrow. Our aims are to improve the wellbeing of people within their communities through outdoor activities. This aims to address the issues of mental and physical well-being through outdoor activities, social inclusion, ecologically friendly use of city space, good health, knowledge of where food comes from, cookery, enjoyment of redeveloping urban land, and public art within our spaces.

These spaces have served to create areas of social inclusion for multi cultural communities through the purpose of inner city food growth. The age range for our participants has been from two to ninety six years old. Our aim has been to give back to the community’s physical spaces for the purpose of well-being and to create a sense of community at a time when it is very much needed through function and beauty. 

benefits to your business

What we offer:


  • Initial consultation with community and corporate group to find needs

  • Offers activities to the corporate group from the community need.

  • Once agreed produce risk assessment, activity and directions, and public liability and confirm date(s).

  • Organize all tools and materials

  • Facilitate team in tasks and activities on community sites on days of volunteering with community members where possible

  • Get feedback from community group and corporate group.


Benefits of CSR:


  • Giving back to our local communities in need

  • Connecting and communicating with the people that will benefit from your volunteering

  • Skills sharing

  • Team building and gaining positive transferable skills for you employees

  • The value of work accomplished in a shorter amount of time with more people.

  • General wellbeing for the community and corporate group.

  • A short or long term relationship between inner city communities, and the corporate world.

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